Dean's Office contact:  Ivy Mason

Qualifications for appointment

Adjunct appointments are given only to a faculty member (including research professorial) already holding a primary appointment in another department of the University.  The appointment is intended to recognize the contributions to the secondary department by the faculty member.

Affiliate appointments are intended to recognize professional contributions to a department by an individual whose principal employment lies outside the University.  Appointments require similar qualifications to those required for appointment to the corresponding rank.  Affiliate appointments are not benefit eligible and are limited in the amount of salary they may receive through the University.

Clinical appointments are normally given to individuals who hold a primary appointment with an outside agency or non-academic unit of the University.  Clinical faculty normally work in practicum settings and make substantial contributions to University programs through their expertise, interest, and motivation to work with faculty in preparing and assisting with instruction.

Teaching Associate appointments are normally instructional positions and are given to non-students with credentials more limited than those of Instructor.  Normally occupants do not have the Ph.D.  The title is used for additional teachers when a unit does not have a sufficient number of graduate student TAs to cover instructional needs.

Length of term and limits on reappointment.  Adjunct, affiliate, and clinical appointments are annual in length; Teaching Associate appointments are annual or shorter.  There are no limitations to the number of reappointments that can be made.

New appointment procedures and documentation.  For procedures, see “Non-permanent positions” in the New appointments section.  For documentation, see New appointment documentation using the appropriate topic:  “New temporary appointment” or “New adjunct appointment” or “New affiliate appointment.

Reappointment procedures and documentation.  The question of renewal for these appointments must be considered and recommended each year.  Reappointment recommendations for Teaching Associates are due in the Dean's Office in mid-November; recommendations for adjunct, affiliate, and clinical titles are due in mid-February.  See the Reappointments section for departmental procedures and documentation.

Promotion procedures.  Promotion for an affiliate or clinical appointment is not required at any specified year.  When a unit wishes to recommend promotion, the instructions and deadline dates for promotion to Associate Professor or to Professor should be followed.  The amount of required documentation may be reduced (see below).  See the Promotion and tenure procedures section.

An adjunct appointment is changed to the higher rank when an individual is promoted to Associate Professor or Professor in the home department.

Promotion documentation.  For an affiliate or clinical faculty member, the data submitted in a promotion recommendation should be those appropriate to the nature of the position.  Only one external letter of evaluation is required.  The chair's letter should state specifically what role the candidate plays in the department, and appropriate documentation should be provided (for example, if the candidate teaches or supervises graduate students, evidence of teaching effectiveness should be provided).  Brevity is encouraged in these recommendations.  See Promotion and tenure documentation.