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Working with Foundations

The central Corporate and Foundation Relations team offers an excellent primer on working with foundations, which we have linked to parts of below.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact us.

Foundation Funding Resources

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About foundation fundingFoundations fill an important niche, often leveraging their resources to make catalytic impact where other funders won't venture.

Funding early careersFoundation funding opportunities and limited submission information for faculty in the early years of their career.

Find foundation support: Search tools, available resources, people, and how to assess fit.

Insight (UW NetID required): Nuanced information about selected highly competitive foundation opportunities for Keck Research, Packard Fellowships, Pew Biomedical Scholars, Searle Scholars, and more to come. Each insight document includes a list of UW recipients.

What foundations look for: When foundation staff or board members review your proposal, they will look for answers to specific questions.

Resources: Advice on how to build your case, tailor your approach, write effectively about scientific research, and write great recommendation letters with foundations as an audience.

Limited submission opportunities: Some funders limit the number of proposals an institution may submit within a particular funding round. In order to provide all interested parties an opportunity to present their ideas and increase the UW's chances of succeeding in such limited submission opportunities, the Office of Research has established a procedure to review pre-proposals and select concepts to advance to submission.


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