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Message from Dean Bob Stacey to College of Arts and Sciences Chairs

November 21, 2019

To: College of Arts and Sciences Faculty & Staff
From: Bob Stacey, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Subject: Humanities Advising Consolidation

Dear Colleagues,

On November 8, Division Dean of the Humanities Brian Reed announced a reorganization of advising in the Humanities Division. This change is designed to improve and provide a consistent undergraduate advising experience across the Humanities Division through a consolidation of undergraduate advising at the Divisional level. 

The reorganization will affect 9 current professional advising staff at the unit level. Several of these 9 advising staff members currently hold part-time positions. The reorganization will create a divisional advising center with 6 employees, all of whom will hold full-time appointments. No reduction in total professional staff FTE devoted to Humanities advising is being proposed at this time. 

There are no current plans to apply this consolidated advising model beyond the Humanities Division. The College does not see advising as a "one size fits all approach," but we believe certain efficiencies and opportunities to assist undergraduate students exist in the Humanities where this consolidated structure makes sense. We will undertake more analysis before considering any new undergraduate advising models and learn from our experience in the Humanities before venturing into other areas. 

A webpage on the College's Administrative Gateway includes general information about the consolidation, as well as Dean Reed's memo to the Humanities Division. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send them to Brian, Kevin Mihata or to me.