The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to promoting and support the UW’s efforts to protect the health and safety of all of our faculty, staff, students and visitors; as well as the environment. The health and safety of our campus is not the sole responsibility of any one individual, department, or office. Every member of our campus community should recognize that it is a shared responsibility and that each of us has a personal role in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We hope that leaders, at all levels, will take an active role in working with faculty, staff and students to foster an environment of safety awareness by providing necessary training and by setting an ideal example for others to follow.


2018-2019 The College of Arts & Science's Health & Safety Comittee (Group #6) Elections has closed

Health and Safety Committee #6 representing the College of Arts and Sciences closed its election and a new committee for the 2018-2019 term has been selected. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in this election.

The 2018-2019 CAS HSC roster can be found here.

The Department of Labor and Industries requires annual employee elections for HSC's. The University of Washington has a variance allowing elections every two years. Staff or faculty, whether full-time, temporary, hourly, or student workers, are eligible to participate.

Please, contact the Fall 2017 election coordinator, Dean's Office member, Maggie Luning ( / (206) 685-8036), with any questions.

More information about the HSC election process and membership:

Health and Safety Committee (HSC) Elections Guide

Health and Safety Committee (HSC) Membership Training Guide

2016 OSHA 300A UW Seattle Campus Summaries:

Please, see "University of Washington Seattle Campus, Including UW Medical Center" link on the EHS website

Updating Department EEOP's or FSEP's:

CAS Safety Coordinators should update their department's Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP). The Fire and Safety Evacuation Plan (FSEP) template can be used instead of the EEOP template. It is not necessary, but the FSEP is a shorter template option.

A copy of every CAS Department's EEOP or FSEP should be sent to Maggie Luning ( at the CAS Dean's Office.

Please, see links below for more information about updating your department's/building's evacuation plan:

For more information on Building Safety, please, see EHS's Building Safety Resources.


Many EH&S activities are mandated by law or policy.  These pages are designed to assist Staff, Faculty, and Students to administer and comply with those policies.

Your responsibilities if you are a(n):

Reporting Guidelines

Lab Safety

Available Training

General Wellness Resources

Emergency Resources

College of Arts & Sciences' Health and Safety Committee/Group #6(HSC6) :



Disclaimer:  The pages of this website are meant to assist their viewers in complying with UW policies regarding Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency Management.  These pages are neither comprehensive nor official with regard to these policies.  Identifying and complying with UW policies remains the responsibility of those persons and offices designated by the policies.