Dean's Office contact: Maggie Luning

The College of Arts and Sciences is represented by Health and Safety Committee/Group #6 (HSC#6). This committee is headed by and reports to the Dean. Each unit in A&S has been assigned a commitee member as primary contact for health and safety matters. The committee meets every third Thursday of each month, in the Office of the Dean/ Communications Building (CMU 065) from 3:00 - 4:30. The members of the committee for the 2017 term are:





Committe Head:

Robert C.  Stacey Dean 543-5340
Elected Members      
Lori Anthony History 543-8291
Eric Camp Chemistry 543-1207
Brianna Divine Biology 543-1678
Catherine Holliday Chemistry 543-7968
Elena Johns Music 543-2071
Tamara Leonard Center for Global Studies, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies 685-2354
Hedwige Meyer French and Italian Studies 685-1450
Paul Miller (Chair) Chemistry 543-8183
Anne Pearson Art 221-2354
Elizabeth Ramage Biology 543-6740
Natassia Stelmaszek (Vice Chair) UW Language Learning Center 685-3808
Bev Wessel (Secretary) Philosophy 616-7953
Appointed Members:      
Maggie Luning CAS Dean's Office 685-8036
EH&S Ex Officio:      
Emma Alder

Environmental Health &

Safety 221-2852