Dean's Office contact: Maggie Luning

From: Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 296.800.130

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) requires that employers with more that 11 employees establish a Health and Safety Committee.  Each committee should have both employee elected and employer selected members. These committees review the accident/incident reports pertinent to their respective area for evaluation and resolution of any on-going issues.

The University of Washington has established 11 such Committees. See WA Adminstrative Policy Statement (APS 10.11). At the UW, the members of these committees serve a two year term that runs from January to December of the next year. Any employee who wishes to serve on one of these committees is encouraged to stand for election or seek an appointed position.  Staff or faculty,whether full-time, temporary, hourly, or student workers, are eligible. Elections are held in the Autumn of every odd numbered year. Each of these 11 organizational committees  sends two representatives to a University-Wide Health and Safety Committee referred to as the "U-Wide." Click here for more information on these committtees.

The College of Arts and Sciences is represented by Health and Safety Committee #6 (HSC6). This committee is headed by and reports to the Dean. Each unit in A&S has been assigned a committee member as a primary contact for health and safety matters.

HSC6 meets the third Thursday of each month in the Communications Building (CMU 065) from 2:30 - 3:30. Employees wishing to discuss a safety issue are welcome as guests to these meetings or they may contact any committee member.

If you have any questions relating to environmental, health or safter  matters you may contact your unit’s Health and Safety Coordinator, or any member of the committee.

The members of Committee #6 for the 2014 - 2015 term can be found here.