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Health and Safety Responsibilities: Dean, Director, Chair, Supervisor

Dean's Office contact: Matthew Unruh

From UW Administrative Policy Statement 10.3

For the purposes of compliance with WISHA (Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act) standards and to provide a safe and healthful working environment for employees, the University has assigned responsibility for occupational health and safety as follows:…

2) Deans, Directors, Chairs, and Supervisors—Each of these individuals is responsible for safety performance in their respective units (as referenced in the Executive Order No. 55).

3) Department Heads—These individuals are advised to designate one person, plus an alternate, to act as a department coordinator for health and safety. This individual is to be responsible for implementing department safety and health programs and for acting as liaison between the department and the university's central Environmental Health & Safety Department (EH&S).

From Presidential Orders - University Safety Programs: Executive Order No.55

…Because of the personal nature of safety performance, everyone with supervisory responsibility will be expected to directly participate in the supervision of programs to assure that safe working conditions are maintained. Faculty and staff shall be directly responsible for their own safety, for the safety of students and employees under their supervision; and for the safety of their fellow employees. This responsibility can neither be transferred nor delegated. Supervisors shall provide training for accident prevention, as necessary, for those working under their directions.

Accordingly: If you are a Dean, Chair, Director, or the Head of a program or unit, you are advised to designate a safety coordinator for your unit and have that person implement the compliance requirements. compliance checklist and various forms have been developed to help identify and address some of the more common tasks associated with maintaining health & scompliance.

As a Supervisor you are encouraged to consult with your unit’s safety coordinator to ensure that employees under your supervision are properly trained in health and safety matters.

NOTE **All employees should be familiar with the minimum training and orientation required of new employees.