Dean's Office contact: Maggie Luning

From: UW Administrative Policy Statement  10.3:

For the purposes of compliance with WISHA standards and to provide a safe and healthful working environment for employees, the University has assigned responsibility for occupational health and safety as follows:…

3) Department Heads—These individuals are advised to designate one person, plus an alternate, to act as a department coordinator for health and safety. This individual is to be responsible for implementing department safety and health programs and for acting as liaison between the department and the University's central Environmental Health & Saftey Department (EH&S).

You may also want to familiarize yourself with APS Section 10—Environment, Health, Safety, & Security

If you are your unit’s coordinator for health and safety, or the alternate, you are responsible for implementing your unit’s health and safety programs. These activities may require you to write and update plans, train employees, schedule meetings and training sessions, assist employees and their supervisors in reporting accidents, conduct inspections, liaise with EH&S and the A&S Safety Committee, encourage all the employees in your unit to comply with EH&S policies, enlist thehelp of others to act as Evacuation Wardens, and keep records related to health and safety.

To helpyou organize these activities, we have a compliance checklist. This checklist is a bare minimum for use by the least complicated of units. We suggest that you copy and enhance this checklist to suit the particular needs of your department. Many of the activities on this list must be repeated annually. Many of these activities can be accomplished more easily with the use of task specific forms. There are links to Dean's Office health and safety documents below to use as an example for your department. Please, modify any plans and checklists to fit your department specifically. 

 NOTE **All employees should be familiar with the minimum training and orientation required of new employees.