Dean's Office contact: Ann DePasquale

From: UW Administrative Policy Statement 10.3 (Section 2b)

b. Employees

University safety policy states that faculty and staff are responsible for using required safety equipment, for following safe work practices, and for the safety of other employees and students under their supervision.

Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) standards require that employees:

Coordinate and cooperate with all other employees in an attempt to eliminate accidents.
Study and observe all safe practices governing their work.
Offer safety suggestions which may contribute to a safer work environment.
Apply the principles of accident prevention in their daily work and use proper safety devices
and protective equipment as required by their employment or employer.
Properly care for all personal protective equipment.
Promptly report to their immediate supervisor each work-related injury or illness, regardless of the degree of severity.

From Presidential Orders - University Safety Programs: Executive Order No.55

…Because of the personal nature of safety performance, everyone with supervisory responsibility will be expected to directly participate in the supervision of programs to assure that safe working conditions are maintained. Faculty and staff shall be directly responsible for their own safety, for the safety of students and employees under their supervision; and for the safety of their fellow employees. This responsibility can neither be transferred nor delegated. Supervisors shall provide training for accident prevention, as necessary, for those working under their directions.

Accordingly: If you are a Supervisor you are encouraged to consult with your unit’s safety coordinator to ensure that employees under your supervision are properly trained in health and safety matters. Also see: General EH&S guidelines for Office Staff

NOTE **All employees should be familiar with the minimum training and orientation required of new employees.