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  • Use of title
  • Acting, Affiliate, or Clinical Instructor titles
  • Instructor title

Use of title. Appointment with the title of Instructor is made to a person who has completed professional training, in many fields marked by the Ph.D., and is fulfilling a temporary, clinical, or affiliate instructional need, or is in a temporary transition period between post-doctoral training and mentoring and entry into the professorial ranks. These appointments are limited to acting, affiliate, or clinical.

Acting Instructor, Affiliate Instructor, or Clinical Instructor titles. For new appointment procedures and reappointment procedures, see the sections on Acting appointments and Affiliate and Clinical titles.

Instructor title (not qualified by acting, affiliate, or clinical). The title of "Instructor" is no longer used.  When the title was an active one, the following rules were applied.  The Instructor appointment is for one year (or less) and is limited to a total of five years. Instructor appointments are eligible for tenure; the years spent as an Instructor are counted toward the mandatory tenure review.  The reappointment decision must be made six months (or for an initial annual appointment, three months) before the appointment expiration date.  In the third year of appointment to Instructor, the faculty member should be informed that a promotion or termination decision must be made in the fourth year. In the fourth year of appointment, the department must decide whether to recommend (1) promotion, (2) reappointment for a fifth and terminal year, or (3) nonrenewal at the end of the fourth year.