Dean's Office contact: Ivy Mason


Leave without pay. An applicant for leave without salary should submit the Leave of Absence - Leave without Pay process in Workday.  In situations where the individual is unable to submit on their behalf, the unit's Academic Partner may submit for them - however, in this situation, the Academic Partner must also upload a copy of the request from the faculty member to Maintain Worker Documents.  Supplemental documentation is not required unless requested by the department chair, however the leave FTE must be entered into the comments section of the process.  A faculty member buying out his/her time on grant or contract funds does not need to file a leave application.

Sabbatical leave. The University considers the following to be complete professional leaves: one quarter at 100% salary, two quarters at 75% salary, or three quarters at 66.67% salary. If a leave is spread out over more than one academic year, a new application form must be submitted for each subsequent year of the leave.  The Dean’s Office and Academic Human Resources do not automatically approve the future years of a leave.

An applicant for leave with salary should submit the following to the department chair:

  • The signed Application for Sabbatical Leave
  • A detailed statement describing the scholarly or artistic work to be undertaken during the period of leave, including:
    • its nature and focus
    • its purpose or objectives
    • the site, collaborators, and cooperating institutions (e.g., laboratories, museums, libraries, etc.), if relevant
    • the source and amount of any supplementary grants or salary known or likely to be available
    • the scholarly or artistic product anticipated (e.g., a research monograph)
    • the value or significance of the scholarly/artistic product anticipate
    • the benefits to the University of the proposed leave (e.g., improved scholarly visibility, enriched undergraduate courses, etc.)
  • The applicant’s updated bibliography or curriculum vita 
  • (optional) Supporting letters from University or non-University persons


Upon receipt of an application for sabbatical, the department chair must first decide whether to approve or deny the leave.

  • If the decision is not to approve, the chair should inform the applicant of this decision and retain the application in the department.
  • If the decision is to approve, the chair should prepare a letter of recommendation approving the leave.  The letter should state the merits of the applicant’s project, his/her ability to accomplish it successfully, and the benefits which will accrue to the University as a result of the proposed leave.

For an approved leave, send the following materials to Ivy Mason in the Dean’s Office.  Do not send the materials to the Divisional Dean or the Dean.

  • application form
  • chair’s recommendation letter
  • applicant’s statement
  • supporting documentation, if any
  • bibliography

NOTE: If a department is submitting more than one application, the chair or director should include an additional letter that ranks the leaves in order of priority.

The department should retain copies of all submitted applications and letters.


Sabbatical applications for the upcoming academic year should be submitted to the Dean's Office by early December (for the official due date, please see College's list of annual due dates).  There is only one round of consideration each year for leave applications.

After reviewing the materials, the Divisional Dean will approve or deny the request and notify the applicant and the chair of the decision.  An approved application will be forwarded to Academic Human Resources.  Successful applicants will receive a formal letter of notification of approval of the leave from the Provost shortly after the next Board of Regents meeting.  Once a leave has been approved, the unit's Academic Partner must enter the leave of absence into Workday.