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Qualifications for appointment

Lecturer and Artist in Residence are instructional titles that may be conferred on persons who have special instructional roles.

Senior Lecturer and Senior Artist in Residence are instructional titles that may be conferred on persons who have special instructional roles and who have extensive training, competence, and experience in their discipline.

Principal Lecturer is an instructional title that may be conferred on persons whose excellence in instruction is recognized by appropriate awards, distinctions, or other major contributions to their field.  The title of Principal Lecturer may not be used for a new appointee:  this title is achieved by promotion only.

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer appointments have several job class codes.





Senior Lecturer Full-time

Senior Lecturer on a full-time basis


Senior Lecturer Part-time

Senior Lecturer on a part-time basis or 100% on a quarterly basis, no competitive recruitment


Lecturer Full-time

Full-time, annual appointment, no competitive recruitment


Lecturer Full-time Competitive Recruitment

Full-time appointment with annual or multi-year term, competitive recruitment conducted by national search


Lecturer Part-time

Annual appointment, no competitive recruitment


Lecturer Part-time Competitive Recruitment

Annual or multi-year appointment, competitive recruitment conducted 


Length of term and limits on reappointment.  Full-time appointments of Lecturers and Artists in Residence may be for terms of one to five years.  Full-time appointments of Senior Lecturers, Senior Artists in Residence, and Principal Lecturers may be from one to five years.  Note that a multi-year term is allowed only if the person is hired via a national search or a search waiver.  The normal appointment period for full-time Senior Lecturers and Principal Lecturers is a minimum of three years, with exceptions reviewed by the Provost.  Part-time appointments in any of these ranks shall be for one year or less unless competitive recruitment was done.  None of these ranks is eligible for tenure, and there are no limitations to the number of reappointments that can be made.

According to Academic Human Resources, the title of Lecturer Full-time is used only when the appointment is made for a full academic year at 100% time.  If the appointment is at 100% time for one or two quarters (or on a quarter by quarter basis), the title is Lecturer Part-time.  At less than 100% time, the title is always Lecturer Part-time.

New appointment procedures

New appointment documentation

Reappointment procedures and documentation.  The reappointment decision must be made in the last year of appointment, six months (or in the case of an initial annual appointment, three months) before the appointment expiration date.  To recommend reappointment of an annual appointee (hired after 1989) to a multi-year term, a national search must be conducted or a search waiver obtained.  Part-time appointments to these ranks are for one year or less.

Reappointment recommendations are due in the Dean's Office in mid-November and mid-February.  See Reappointment documentation.

Promotion procedures and documentation.  Promotion in these titles—Lecturer to the rank of Senior Lecturer, Artist in Residence to the rank of Senior Artist in Residence, or Senior Lecturer to the rank of Principal Lecturer—is not required at any specified year.  A unit may submit a promotion recommendation when they deem appropriate.  The promotion recommendation is not handled in the same manner as a reappointment but should follow promotion procedures (see Promotion and tenure procedures).  The recommendation (with one original and one copy) is due in the Dean's Office in early December.  It is reviewed by the College Council and forwarded to the Provost and President.  If approved, the promotion becomes effective the following academic year.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer is allowed only for Lecturers hired via a national search.  A part-time Lecturer or a full-time Lecturer hired without a search can be given a new appointment as Senior Lecturer; this new appointment must be as Senior Lecturer Part-time (see table above).

For a discussion of evidence that might be provided in a promotion to Principal Lecturer, see Senior Lecturer promotion to Principal Lecturer.

If promotion is recommended in the last year of a person's term of appointment, a separate reappointment recommendation should be submitted in addition to the promotion recommendation.