Dean's Office contact: Ivy Mason

Reappointment requirements. The only members of the faculty who hold continuing appointments with no term limits are Associate Professors, Associate Professors WOT, Professors, Professors WOT, and emeritus faculty. All other titles must be reappointed according to the guidelines set forth by the Handbook

A department must submit a reappointment recommendation, either positive or negative, if the faculty member holds one of the titles listed below.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor WOT
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Research Professor
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Part-time Lecturer (if competitively recruited)
  • Full-time Lecturer (if appointed annually or competitively recruited)
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Principal Lecturer
  • Artist in Residence
  • Senior Artist in Residence
  • Instructor
  • Teaching Associate
  • Acting appointment

The year and quarter in which a reappointment recommendation is due depend upon the title, the term of appointment, and the number of years appointed in the title. For quick reference, see Reappointments summary table.

These faculty titles require a reappointment action each year:

  • Adjunct appointment
  • Affiliate appointment
  • Clinical appointment

Non-reappointment. A person holding a full-time, non-competitively recruited, temporary appointment must be notified by the Dean about non-reappointment and no reappointment consideration is necessary by the department. However, the chair should confirm the appointment terms in a memo--sent to Ivy Mason--so the Dean can notify the faculty member of termination. No faculty vote or documentation need accompany this memo.

If the temporary appointment is made for less than one year and this is stated explicitly in the letter of offer, no notice is required from the Dean.

After any necessary notifications have been made, the department can process a termination in Workday (either voluntary or involuntary, depending on the situation).

Departmental actions for reappointment. The procedure for reappointment depends upon whether the appointment is competitively recruited or not. See the sections below.

Non-competitively recruited titles:

  • Research Associate
  • Research Associate Trainee
  • Lecturer part-time, temporary
  • Lecturer full-time, temporary
  • Artist in Residence, part-time
  • Teaching Associate
  • Acting titles
  • Visiting titles

The reappointment must be for the same title, in the same department, and supported by temporary funds.

A faculty vote is not required for actions involving temporary appointments, provided the department has voted to delegate to the chair the authority to make these appointments/reappointments without a full faculty vote.

For reappointment with no gap in employment submit a Change Job – Data Change in Workday to extend the employment end date.

If the faculty member has been terminated with a gap in employment, they must be hired into Workday

Regular faculty (competitively recruited) titles and Assistant Professors.  

*Note that this process is still in flux and details will be posted when we have them.*

Adjunct, affiliate, & clinical faculty reappointments. For these annual titles, only a report of the departmental recommendations is required. The reporting is done on a spreadsheet produced by Academic Human Resources. When the department has voted on their recommendations, the completed spreadsheet should be returned to Ivy Mason. The department is notified when the Divisional Dean has approved the reappointments; the department is responsible for notifying each person about his/her reappointment.

For quick reference, see Reappointment checklist, annual faculty titles.