Dean's Office contact:  Ivy Mason

  • Qualifications for appointment
  • Appointment and reappointment
  • Length of term and limits on reappointment
  • Annual review
  • Use of Senior Fellow title

Qualifications for appointment.Research Associate and Senior Fellow are considered junior ranks equivalent to Instructor. Appointment to the rank of Research Associate or Senior Fellow normally requires completion of professional training, in many fields marked by a doctoral degree, and the promise of a successful career in research. The appointment normally serves to advance the competence of a person who has recently completed professional training or the Ph.D. Faculty holding these titles may not be principal investigators on grants or contracts.

Appointment and reappointment.Research Associate and Senior Fellow are considered to be "short-term" appointments and should follow the abbreviated appointment and reappointment procedures that are outlined in the New appointments and Reappointments sections.

Length of term and limits on reappointment.The term of appointment may be for one, two, or three years. Although Handbook regulations allow a maximum of six years in the title, the College of Arts and Sciences limits these appointments to two years if the appointee is a graduate of the University of Washington and to three years if the appointee is a graduate of another institution. In unusual cases, a UW graduate may be allowed a third and final year in the title if exceptionally strong justification is presented by the department and written approval of the Divisional Dean is obtained before the appointment is renewed for the third year.

A Research Associate cannot subsequently be placed into an existing, permanent research faculty position without a national search, unless a search took place and was documented at the time the postdoctoral appointment was made.

Annual review.The College does not require annual review of Research Associate or Senior Fellow appointments. The appointee should be notified about the termination date of his/her appointment at least one-half year in advance of that date, and a dated note should be placed in the file that such notification has occurred.

Use of Senior Fellow title.It is College policy that the title of Research Associate is preferred over that of Senior Fellow, unless an awarding agency specifies that the word "fellow" appear in the title.