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Research: Approval Process

Proposal Approval Process

The College of Arts & Sciences is a diverse organization, with over 50 unique and separate departments/units. The diversity of research in these units is wide and far-reaching. Each day, we process not only proposals from PIs in our college, but from other schools and colleges as well (when an A&S faculty member is involved). This is why we request a 48-hour window to process your proposal.   Proposals which meet this timeline are guaranteed review by the Dean’s approvers.  For last-minute proposals, we will process those received by 12:00 noon, three days prior to sponsor deadline, but cannot guarantee approval for proposals received later.


Click here for Proposal Preparation Timeline

Some tips for success in routing your proposal through the approval process

  • Give yourself plenty of time – proposals usually take longer than anticipated
  • Carefully read the solicitation’s (RFP,RFA) instructions
  • Make a timeline of what needs to be done by whom and when, and follow it
  • Make your business documents a priority, so that you can get the proposal routing underway as soon as possible
  • Plan on having the proposal to the Dean’s office 9 working days prior to sponsor’s deadline
  • Plan on having all final documents to OSP well before the 3-day deadline
  • Provide comments for anything out of the ordinary on the eGC-1
  • Plot approval deadline points on a calendar or timeline  Click here for calendar example