Cherry Blossoms

Research: Forms signed by A&S Research Dean's office

*Compiled April/2013, A. DePasquale

Who signs which form?

Steve Majeski's signature is required on the following forms. Please send to Ann DePasquale at box 353765 or electronically at (preferred method):

  • Deemed Export Control Attestation (DECA)
  • F&A Waiver
  • Space Renewal Request form
  • Space Request form

Vicky Palm signs the following. Please send to her at 353765 or

  • Advance Budget Forms
  • RRF Revised Budgets (Replacement instructor)


 Various Grant Proposals

In addition to the above forms, we also review and sign the following grant applications. We request a minimum 24 hours for review of these proposals. Please provide our office with a copy of the proposal's face page and please include the PI's employee identification number:

  • ADAI - Alcohol and Drug Abouse Institute Small Grants Program
  • CSSS - Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences Seed Grant Program
  • CSDE - Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology Small Grants Program
  • CGF - Commericialization Gap Funds
  • LSDF - Life Sciences Discovery Fund
  • WSG - Washington Sea Grant