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Research: A&S Grant and Contract Proposal Preparation Factsheet

Revised September 25, 2018: V.Palm

A&S Grant Proposal Factsheet 

GSSA Salaries

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Facilities and Administrative Costs / F&A 

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 (also known as Indirect Costs)


see GIM 13 for full info



On-campus: Organized Research



On-campus: Other Sponsored Activity

55.5%  7/1/18-6/30/20  

Use 55.5% beyond 6/30/20...


37% 7/1/16-6/30/20


 26% 7/1/16-6/30/20

See GIM 13 for all rates and timelines. Use applicable F&A rate in effect based on your annual budget year start date

Reminder: Certain costs are exempt from F&A costs (i.e., equipment, grad operating fees, portions of subcontracts).   Please reference GIM 13 for full definition of MTDC (Modified Total Direct Costs). 

F&A (Indirect Costs) Negotiation Agreement Date with DHHS – July 21, 2017


Projecting Salary Increases

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We suggest 3% annually for all positions, but feel free to use 2%-4%. GSSA salaries may increase more than this, use discretion, and see "GSSA Salaries" section.   

This is a suggested projection only. Follow all sponsor restrictions that may apply. There is no uniform policy set by UW for salary projection increases, other than to adhere to sponsor guidelines. The College prefers some consistency, so suggests the above rates.


Employee Benefit Rates (7/1/18 - 6/30/19)

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GIM 3:

All sponsored project proposal budgets should include funding for employee benefits at rates commensurate with the salary object code of the individuals participating on the project, as set out in the table below or in GIM #3. Use posted rates for multi-year budgets; they may not be inflated annually.

   Per MRAM email sent 5/2/19:
Preliminary fringe benefit rates have been delayed and will be posted as soon as possible. Please continue using current rates.

Salary Title & Object Code

Current Rates (7/1/18-6/30/19) 

Preliminary Rates (Delayed)

Faculty (01-10)



Medical Residents (01-20)



Classified Staff (01-60)



Professional Staff (01-70)



Grad Appointments (01-30,01-40)



Hourly/Visiting Scientists (01-80)



Postdoc/Research Associate (01-13)




Health insurance for Postdoctoral Research Trainees (01-50) onPublic Health Service (PHS) training and fellowship grants should be 17%.
Health insurance for Predoctoral Fellows and Trainees (01-90) on PHS grants should be 27.8%.


GSSA Salaries (Schedule 1 only, effective 7/1/18 -6/30/19)

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Project 2% annually for GSSA salaries. Check with your Department Administrator for annual projected increases in departments with variable rates.  



RA   I


Standard   GSSA Appt




Departments with variable rates, FY19

















Schedule 1 salaries are for appointments of 50% or greater for persons paid 5 out of 6 pay periods per quarter.

Click here for Graduate School website: TA/RA Salaries


Graduate Operating Fees in A&S

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 (does not include building, technology, service and accounting fees)

Resident   Graduate Tier 1



Academic Year (per quarter)


       $5,165 (includes +3% estimated)

 Summer Quarter


       $5,326 (includes +3% estimated)

Suggestion: Project increases at 3% annually. PLEASE NOTE that A&S follows GOF rates for Tier 1, but many other UW colleges have adjusted (higher) tuition rates. For more details on tuition, including summer rates, visit the Office of Planning & Budgeting tuition section  and click the tab for Quarterly Tuition, then fill in the drop-downs accordingly.

Note: These fees are excluded from F&A costs.

When including the operating portion of tuition for graduate student research assistants in your proposal budget, the correct terminology to use is "graduate operating fee” except for NSF proposals, where “graduate student tuition” should be used.

Principal Investigator

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A person holding any of the following titles is eligible to serve as PI:


Research Professor

Associate Professor

Research Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Research Assistant Professor



The following titles may also be eligible but must be considered on a case by case basis:

Acting titles




PNNL Affiliate Professor*

Visiting title

Research Scientist*

Director (of a major program)*


*Staff and PNNL appointees require approval by Divisional Dean


Equipment Thresholds

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 (effective July 1, 2016)

All sponsors

$5,000 per unit



For details, see UW's Equipment Inventory website.

Reminder:  Equipment is exempt from F&A costs



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