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Research: Ready to Submit (RTS)

*Compiled April/2013, A. DePasquale

What is Ready to Submit (RTS)?

(Information adapted from two MRAM presentations which can be viewed here and here


  • What is RTS (Ready to Submit)?

All eGC1s must now be marked RTS yes or no; RTS yes is a signal to reviewers (including OSP) that your proposals is final and ready to submit. Any eGC1 routed without a proposal or with incomplete business documents will be returned by OSP without review.

Click here for OSP Proposal Submission deadlines

  • When should I route my eGC1?

You have two options:

1)  Have proposal, with draft science and final business documents, to OSP office 7 business days before sponsor deadline (marked RTS/NO). You would need to mark RTS/YES and attach FINAL science by 5pm, 3 days before sponsor deadline.

Before arriving in OSP, the proposal must obtain PI, departmental and Dean’s approval from each unit; so make sure to allow additional time for these approvals.

2)  Proposal, with final science and final business documents, submitted to OSP office 7 business days before sponsor deadline (marked RTS/YES)

*Keep in mind that you will not be able to withdraw proposal marked RTS/Yes once it is in OSP status

  • What are business documents?

               OSP defines business documents as:

  • Final Sponsor title budget page or UW cover sheet
  • Final sponsor budget page(s)
  • Draft scope of work
  • Final budget justification
  • List of personnel & bio sketches
  • Current/pending support (if applicable)
  • Proposed sub recipient documents
  • Letters of support

*OSP may return, without review, if business documents are incomplete 

  • When will my application be reviewed by OSP?

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served bases. OSP reviews based on the “OSP received date”; this date changes each time the proposal is withdrawn and re-submitted 

  • How do I make changes to the science if withdrawing changes my submission date?

OSP can review with draft of science. Make change to the science locally; OSP does not need to be apprised of updates. Once reviewer comments are received, make any changes necessary and add final science at the same time.  Science must be uploaded to SAGE in final form and proposal must be marked RTS/Yes by 5pm, 3 business days prior to sponsor deadline.

  • How do I know if my proposal is ready to submit (RTS)?

When all attachments (both business and science) are final and complete, then your proposal is ready to submit and you should mark RTS/YES.

  • HELP! I marked RTS and have found a problem, what do I do now? 
    • Call your OSP reviewer (find your reviewer here)
    • Ask them to return the eGC1, with an explanation
    • Proposal may be returned, at reviewer's discretion
    • If before the GIM 19 Deadline (3 business days prior), your proposal can be returned, unless it has already been submitted to the sponsor.
    • If after the GIM 19 deadline, you may need to submit a waiver


  • I noticed an error after OSP has submitted my proposal to the sponsor, what should I do?

OSP will only resubmit to sponsor for 2 errors:

  • System –generated errors: this means the application could not be transmitted and was not received by the sponsor
  • Compilation Error: Upon viewing the application, it does not appear the same as it was routed to OSP

The following are not adequate reasons for OSP to re submit to the sponsor:          

  • Typos
  • Forgotten text
  • Missing cover letter
  • Not including the most recent bio sketch or letter(s) of support


               A waiver can be requested under the following extenuating circumstances*:

  • Official UW closure (e.g., inclement weather)
  • PI or Co-Pi serious illness or injury
  • Death of key personnel
  • Documented notification of funding opportunity was made less than two weeks prior to the deadline

*OSP will submit the application prior to the sponsor deadline, but cannot ensure a successful submission