Dean's Office contact:  Ivy Mason

  • Length of term
  • New appointment procedures and documentation
  • Non-reappointment
  • Reappointment procedures and documentation

Length of term.The term for a temporary appointment, whether full-time or part-time, is one year or less.

New appointment procedures and documentation.See the two types of New temporary appointments, and for the required documentation, see New appointment documentation.

Non-reappointment.Many temporary appointments (such as part-time appointments for one or two quarters) do not require any action for non-reappointment, and the department may separate the person at the end of the appointment period. The ending date of the appointment should always be stated in the offer letter.

A person holding a full-time temporary appointment must be notified by the Dean about non-reappointment. If the full-time temporary appointment is made for one year (or less) and this is stated explicitly in the letter of offer, no reappointment consideration is necessary by the department. However, the chair should confirm the appointment terms in a memo--sent to Ivy Mason--so the Dean can notify the faculty member of termination. No faculty vote or documentation need accompany this letter to the Dean.

Reappointment procedures and documentation.Temporary appointments which are to be continued must be recommended for reappointment each year. Reappointment recommendations are due in the Dean's Office in mid-November. See Reappointments for departmental actions and for required documentation.