Cherry Blossoms

Chair Responsibilities: Instruction and Administration

Responsibilities include:

  • Conduct academic and financial planning for the unit
  • Determine teaching loads, assign teaching responsibilities to individual instructors, and create a department schedule of classes

  • Monitor the overall quality of academic programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels

  • Ensure faculty are meeting with enrolled students for the required instructional hours. When occasional faculty absences are necessary for health or research purposes, the department chair must be informed and ensure instructional integrity for students and, if appropriate, approve the appointment of substitute instructors. Faculty absences in excess of eight successive university instructional days must be formally presented by the Department Chair to the Divisional Dean for approval. 

  • Ensure that faculty meet/communicate regularly with their graduate student advisees.

  • Monitor teaching effectiveness of all faculty and ASEs, including required student and collegial evaluations

  • Ensure compliance with university instructional regulations  

  • Ensure adequate academic advising

  • Make arrangements and assignments of duty for ASEs in accordance with university policies, and ensure they have been appropriately trained

  • Know and administer the terms of all labor agreements pertinent to ASEs and classified staff.

  • Deploy unit resources effectively and efficiently; monitor and adapt to changing enrollment patterns so as to maximize educational quality within resource constraints

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