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Faculty conference with chair

Dean's Office contact: Divisional Dean 

Handbook legislation requires that chairs meet individually and on a regular basis with all faculty members in their unit. The chairs must confer individually with each faculty member according to the following schedule:

  • Assistant Professors (all tracks): every year
  • Associate Professors (all tracks): at least every two years
  • Professors (all tracks): at least every three years.

The purpose of the regular conference is to help individual faculty members plan and document their career goals. The discussion at each conference should include: (1) the department's needs and goals with respect to the unit mission statement and the faculty member's teaching, scholarly, and service responsibilities and accomplishments; (2) shared goals for the faculty member's teaching, scholarship, and service in the forthcoming year(s) in keeping with the unit's needs and goals for the same period; and (3) a shared strategy for achieving those goals. The discussion should also identify specific duties, responsibilities, and resources for the faculty member and should include specific suggestions to improve or aid the faculty member's work.

Written documentation must be kept to show that such meetings occurred. A summary of each conference must be communicated in writing to the faculty member involved, detailing the commitments and responsibilities of the faculty member for the coming year(s) and relating how these are consistent with promotion/tenure standards.