Cherry Blossoms

Teaching duties

Dean's Office contact: Divisional Dean

The University's Instructional Responsibilities Policy states that faculty members who are fully funded from instructional budgets are expected to be in residence (except when on approved professional leave) and to have assigned classroom instructional responsibilities in every quarter when so supported. Faculty members who are partially supported from instructional funds may have proportional instructional responsibilities. Departments may not adopt policies which relieve faculty of classroom responsibilities in quarters when they are supported by instructional funds.

In some situations, a faculty member may have no classroom teaching assignment in a particular quarter and have his/her classroom load distributed across the remainder of the year. Each such arrangement must be requested in advance by the department chair and approved by the Divisional Dean and the Provost. The College normally requires that the faculty member not be away from campus longer than two weeks during this quarter.

For additional information about teaching, see Teaching evaluations.