Cherry Blossoms

Calendar of annual due dates

Annual due dates for 2020-2021

Due date Item to be submitted to Dean’s Office Send to
October 16

Recommendations for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor

Recommendations for all other promotions to Associate Professor level

Margie Ramsdell
November 2 List of 9.5-month and 10-month appointments Sue Barnhart
November 13

Recommendations for reappointment of Assistant Teaching Professors, Associate Teaching Professors, Teaching Professors, Artists, Senior Artists, Research Assistant Professors (only those with annual appointments), Research Associate Professors, Research Professors, acting titles (except annual appointees in first year)

Recommendations for reappointment of Teaching Associates

Ivy Mason-Sharrah

December 2 Salary release-recapture plans Sue Barnhart
December 7 Requests for leave of absence Ivy Mason-Sharrah
December 7 Recommendations for reemployment of retirees Carol Rush
December 18 Recommendations for all promotions to full Professor level (tenure, research and teaching tracks); promotions of Artist to Senior Artist, promotions of Teaching Faculty, all ranks Margie Ramsdell
February 8 Recommendations for reappointment (if annual appointee in first year) of Instructors, Teaching Professors (all ranks), Artists, Senior Artists, Research Associate Professors, Research Professors, acting titles Ivy Mason-Sharrah
February 24 Recommendations for reappointment of adjunct, affiliate, and clinical titles Ivy Mason-Sharrah
May 3 Recommendations for all reappointments of Assistant Professor titles (including Research) Ivy Mason-Sharrah