Cherry Blossoms


Dean's Office contact: Linda Nelson

Biennial travel allocations are included in departmental budgets based upon the number of class 01-10 faculty. Within the policies and procedures of the Operations Manual, departments have discretionary use of these funds.

Prior written approval by the Dean's Office for out-of-state travel is not required. Units within the College of Arts and Sciences have been granted blanket approval for individuals who must travel outside the state to perform University of Washington business (Memo of October 2017 Travel Approval Letter). This approval applies to faculty members, staff members, and students. The out-of-state travel must be consistent with the requirements of their positions, i.e., to perform research, instruction, administrative, or other tasks consistent with job responsibilities. The appropriateness of reimbursable charges must be determined by the person who is authorized to approve the travel expense voucher. The approval memo should be maintained in the unit and should be available for review or audit.

See the section on Interview expenses for information on funding assistance from the Dean's Office for candidate visits.