Cherry Blossoms

Chair Responsibilities: Personnel Matters

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee recruitment, selection, and evaluation processes for faculty, staff and academic student employees (ASEs)

  • Conduct annual performance reviews for faculty, staff, and ASEs,  including annual merit reviews (Faculty Code 24-55) and annual, biannual or tri-annual conferences as specified in the Faculty Code (24-57-C).

  • Ensure that faculty and staff understand the criteria prescribed for appointment and advancement in rank.

  • Prepare academic personnel cases/actions for hiring, promotion and retention

  • Where joint appointments are created, ensure that Memoranda of Agreements are created that specify processes for merit assessment, teaching and service assignments, promotions, and so forth

  • Work with Dean’s office on startup and retention packages

  • Attract, reward and retain a diverse faculty and staff

  • Respond and take appropriate action when disciplinary matters arise pertaining to faculty and staff.  

  • Oversee terms and conditions of ASEs employment, in keeping with relevant labor agreements; familiarize one’s self with key collective bargaining agreements

  • Report promptly the retirement, resignation, or death of any member of the department, faculty, or staff to the Dean’s Office

  • Review and recommend requests for leave with and without pay

  • Proactively promote and support the recognition of department faculty and staff

  • Write letters of recommendation for members of the unit eligible for awards, grants and recognitions, as appropriate, and in a timely matter

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