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Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection allows you to remotely access your work computer through the Internet. 

In order to use Remote Desktop Connection you'll need the following: 

  • Your work computer must be turned on and not asleep 

  • You must know the IP address of the computer you need to connect to 

  • You must be connected to a VPN Connection 

  • You must have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed on your home computer.  

Download and install VPN and Remote Desktop Connection: 

  1. Install Husky OnNet VPN Downloads and instructions can be found here: 

  1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection: 
    Windows: Remote Desktop Connection should already be installed and can be found in your list of programs  
    Mac: Search the App Store for “Microsoft Remote Desktop” 

Configure your home computer: 


On Windows:  

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection 

  1. Click on “show options” at the bottom  

  1. Enter the following settings (without brackets) 
    Computer: [Your IP Address] 
    Username: netid\[your NetID] 

  1. Click “Save” to save a shortcut to your connection 

On a Mac:  

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 

  1. Click the + sign at the upper left corner of the application window and select “Add PC”  

  1. Enter the following settings (without brackets)  
    PC name: [Your IP Address] 
    User Account: Select Add User Account from drop down and enter the following:  
         Username: netid\[Your NetID] 
         Password: Leave blank 
    Friendly name: Optionally add a computer description e.g. “work Computer"

Connecting remotely:  

  1. Open the VPN client and click “Connect”  

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Application  

  1. Click Connect if on a PC, on a Mac double click on the PC Connection from the home screen 

  1. Enter your NetID password when prompted