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Information Technology

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the critical role Information Technology plays in fulfilling the mission of the College and the University as a whole. We make every effort to keep pace with the rapid development of technology, and to help departments keep their own technological environments in top working order.

The College of Arts and Sciences IT team provides support for the Dean's Office and several other departments and units within the College. 

If your department has it's own IT staff, please reach out to them as your first source for IT information. Your IT techs have resources that are unique to your unit.

All within the College of Arts and Sciences are welcome to use this website as a resource.

Dean's Office Contacts

Need IT Assistance? Email or click here to submit a ticket! 
You can view your open tickets and requests on the My Requests page.

CAS-IT Team Members:

  • Stephen Majeski, Senior Associate Dean Of Research and Infrastructure   Phone: 206-543-9648
  • Helen Øland, Director of Computing    Phone: 206-543-6366
  • Ellen Krachmer, Senior Computer Specialist    Phone: 206-543-0527
  • Philip Costello, Senior Computer Specialist   Phone: 206-616-9165
  • Jasvant Singh Dosanjh, Senior Computer Specialist   Phone: 206-543-9945

Dean's Office Resources

Departmental IT Contacts

Resources for Faculty and Staff

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Resources for A&S Tech Staff

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Arts and Sciences Workstation Initiative 

The 2022/2023 Workstation Initiative is complete. Model information can be found below. Dell and Apple systems will be reviewed before the next cycle.

Email Lists 

Helpful Links 

A&S Tech Staff Meetings

Please contact Helen Oland about upcoming tech staff meetings. 

Computing Centers

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