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Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS)

The College of Arts & Sciences will use the Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS) to store all faculty and staff personnel files.  Use of this system for personnel records will be mandatory for all units, beginning July 1, 2021. 

For any questions or to change departmental access, contact Ivy Mason-Sharrah (

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I log in?
Access the College of Arts & Sciences EDM via the web portal:  You willl be prompted to enter your UW Net ID and password.

What do I use it for?
The EDM will be used to store all Staff and Faculty personnel records.  This will be mandatory for all units beginning July 1, 2021.

What documents should I upload?
All personnel files for both staff and faculty.  Specific document types and details can be found in our Document Dictionary.

How do I request access or a change in access?
Contact Ivy Mason-Sharrah.

How do I update data fields that were entered incorrectly?
Navigate to the relevant record and click on it.  That will open the option to make edits to the data, so long as the individual has that access level.

How do I delete records from the EDM?
Contact Ivy Mason-Sharrah.

Should I upload historic files?
We do not recommend this.  If you would like to upload historic documents, we ask that you not go back further than 3 years.


Uploading Documents to the EDMS

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Once logged in, click Add Newin the top right corner of the page. That will take you to the document upload screen.

EDMS Document Upload screen



Drag and drop or choose your file to upload and then fill in the following fields (* denotes required fields):

  • Employee Group*:
    • Drop-down: Academic or Staff
    • Note – enter the group relevant to the document, not necessarily the primary position.  For example, if a Professional Staff member is teaching for one quarter and assuming a Part-time Lecturer role to do so, the offer and appointment documents for that would be marked as “Academic”
  • Document Type*:
  • Document Name*:
  • Employee:
    • This list draws directly from Workday, so it is fillable only if the individual has been fully hired into Workday.  If not, leave blank until that time and use the “Applicant Name” field
  • Rank*:
    • Drop-down: This list includes all faculty titles as well as tags for professional staff and classified staff.  Choose the option relevant to the individual
  • Unit*:
    • Drop-down: Choose the department appropriate to the personnel action
  • Record Retention Trigger Date:
    • This is an open text field and entry will depend upon the record type. See the Document Dictionary for details
  • Applicant Name:
    • This is an open text field to be used when the individual in question has not yet been hired into Workday.  Enter the name (Last Name, First Name) into this field.  Once the hire has been processed in Workday, this field can be cleared and the name can be entered in the “Employee” field

Once all relevant fields are entered and the document has been uploaded, save and continue.  You can either choose the “Save” option and you will be returned to the main search screen, or choose the “Save and Upload Another” option to stay on the upload screen.