Cherry Blossoms

Project Inquiry

If you can't find the resources you need in our toolkit, submit a project inquiry for consideration by our team. Every other week, we meet to assess inquiries and determine how they align with our strategic communications efforts. If we cannot support your inquiry, we are happy to connect you with other resources. To ensure consideration, inquiries should be submitted at least six weeks in advance of desired completion date. Inquiries for approval of Marketo e-mails require a lead-time of 10 business days.

If you'd like additional information regarding the College's process feel free to review our Project Inquiry Process Document and our Project Management best practices.

Are you the primary contact for this project?
Note: The primary contact will be the single point of contact for the CAS Marketing Team and is responsible for gathering assets and facilitating edits/reviews by other involved parties.
If you do not know/have a specific deadline, please provide an estimate.
Please provide thorough description of the project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
Note: A budget number is required to request a project. The budget will not be charged without consultation of the requester.
Feel free to include any details from your discussion