Dean's Office contact:  Ivy Mason

Qualifications for appointment. The emeritus title may be given to a retired faculty member, including research and clinical faculty, whose scholarly, teaching, or service record has been meritorious. The normal criteria are at least ten years of prior service as a member of the faculty and achievement of the rank of Professor or Associate Professor. Under certain circumstances the emeritus status may be granted for other titles or levels.

New appointment procedures and documentation. An emeritus appointment is recommended by departmental action and requires approval by the Dean and the President. See New temporary (Job Management) positions.

Length of term and reappointment. An emeritus appointment is an indefinite one, with no ending date designated. No reappointments are necessary.

Partial reemployment. Each autumn retired faculty members who are eligible to participate in the partial reemployment option are asked to indicate whether or not they plan to participate the following year. More details about this program can be found on the Academic HR site. If you have eligible faculty in your unit a list will be sent to you each fall by Carol Rush. If you have a faculty member retiring during the current academic year who plans to take advantage of this program you do not need to meet this deadline. You should, however, send along this information as soon as possible following their retirement for review by your Divisional Dean. Faculty retiring and electing the VRI option are not eligible to participate in this particular program. They may be reemployed up to 40% per year but the funds to support them must come from funding sources at the department level. The deadline for submitting this information can be found on the Calendar of annual due dates. For each eligible retiree in your unit who plans to rehire in a given year please send the following information to your Divisional Dean via Carol Rush. • A copy of the letter or email from the retiree that requests reemployment and includes the chair’s approval. • The course/courses to be taught by the retiree, along with course credits and anticipated enrollments. • Explain briefly how this course/courses relates to the core instructional mission of your unit. • Indicate how this assignment compares to the standard full-time teaching load in your unit. This information will be reviewed by your Divisional Dean, who will work with you to determine the appropriate compensation level for this course/courses. Divisional Dean approval is required BEFORE the retiree can be converted to a paid status in Workday.