A variety of software packages is already installed in the College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Computing Lab. We will consider installing other software that is needed for instructional work. Please bear in mind the following when asking to have additional software installed.

  • Software Installation Requests:   Software installation requests must be made 15 working days prior to the beginning of the quarter for which you plan on using the Instructional Computing Lab so that our staff has time to install and configure your software. We use disk imaging software to maintain a uniform software installation on our lab computers. It takes time to build, install, and test a new software package, and changes must be applied to every computer in the Instructional Computing Lab.

    Some software requires significant configuration in order to operate correctly. Please be familiar with your software, and be prepared to test it in your own computing environment if necessary, prior to requesting that A&S computing staff install it in the Instructional Computing Lab. In some cases it may not be possible to install your software due to licensing issues, security concerns, difficulty of administration, etc. The decision of whether to install any particular piece of software is entirely at the discretion of A&S computing staff.

  • Software Licenses:   We observe the terms of software licenses. Please don't ask us to install multiple copies of a program that was purchased for only one computer. Further, when providing software and licensing to be installed in the lab, we require that departments provide licensing in an amount sufficient to cover either one or both rooms (viz. 30 or 60 licenses). We won't install software piecemeal in either or both rooms due to the complexity of our installation and configuration infrastructure.
  • User accounts and data:   The Arts & Sciences Instructional Computing Lab does not provide personal computing accounts nor persistent data storage for individual users; each user is responsible for the backup of his/her own data during each computing session. SFTP software is provided on the lab workstations and terminal server so that users may access their UW-provided personal storage at dante.u.washington.edu or other departmental or personal storage space.