EH&S Committee 6 Meeting

Communications 065

January 19th, 2017

Present: Annie Pearson, Beth Ramage, Brianna Divine, Hedwige Meyer, Cathy Holliday, Eric Camp, Paul Miller, Lori Anthony, Natassia Stelmaszek, Tamara Leonard, Maggie Luning, Angie Haggard and Emma Corell


Meeting called to order at 3:02 pm.


Introductions / new members


Emma went over committee member roles and responsibilities, including OARS reporting and reviewing, and the roles and responsibilities of U-Wide committee members.


Formal election of two U-Wide members was held and approved. Maggie Luning and Tamara Leonard volunteers and were approved as Group 6’s U-Wide committee members.


December 2016 University-Wide Health and Safety Committee meeting: Maggie reported that the U-Wide committee’s charter was still being finalized and advice given by the UWPD officer present at the meeting on calling and reporting disturbances and trespassing on UW campus. Passed along information about the Lab Safety Conference on February 17th announced by Jude Van Buren.


Review of December 2016 OARS reports:

2016-12-002, Art, complete

2016-12-012, Art, complete

2016-12-031, CENPA, complete

2016-12-043, Biology, complete

2016-12-059, Art, incomplete. Annie Pearson to follow up on PPE use in Art.

2016-12-068, CENPA, complete


New Business:


Fill out a sample/practice OARS report at next meeting.


Formal election for a Group 6 Vice Chair was held. Natassia Stelmaszek volunteered and was approved as Vice Chair of the committee.


Tamara discussed concerns from the Jackson School about a handicap ramp which is not lit well at night and overgrown with plants. The back steps are overgrown with moss, slippery and not well lit. Custodians have expressed it is not safe. EHS encouraged the use of an OARS report as a preventative tool, to fill out an Facilities Services works report for landscaping and to notify EHS of similar problems in the future.


Natassia brought up Community Emergency Response Team training at the University. Emergency Management Office discontinued CERT training. UW Bothell offers CERT training. Concerns about sanitation in the Denny Hall bathrooms was also stated. The combination of hand air dryers, absence of paper towels, and manual door handles in the bathrooms has caused hygienic issues. EHS advised to start with an OARS report because it is a health concern due to the increased risk of spreading germs. Also to contact custodial services, Employee Health Clinic and an employee health adviser.


Hedwige stated personal safety concerns from students. SafeCampus was recommended as a resource. Also, UWPD’s website and their active shooter videos. A UWPD walk through of the building and/or department was recommended to be advised on specific space.


We discussed lighting changes on campus.


We discussed First Aid and CPR training availability and fees. Also, outside sources for certification being accepted for UW employees.


We discussed using as a resource for emergency evacuation floor plans.


The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 3 pm in CMU 065.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.