Group 6 EHS Meeting

July 21st, 2016 | 3pm

Communications 065

Present: Lori Anthony, Angie Haggard, Maggie Luning, Paul Miller, Annie Pearson

U-Wide Update:

Angie updated the group on the latest EHS meeting in June where they discussed the power outage drill on the Westside of campus, PPE presentation, the taskforce the Compliance committee of Health and Science is working on, and more.

The meeting minutes for the June meeting will be posted on this site:


The OARS reports listed below were reviewed and completed:

2016-06-17: complete; encourage people to report any injuries related to the multiple construction sites on campus.

2016-06-022: complete

2016-06-050: complete

2016-06-061: complete; EHS encourages those who have been shocked to follow-up with a medical professional even if there is little sign of injury since there could be internal injury.

2016-06-072: complete

2016-06-076: complete

2016-06-078: complete

2016-06-088: complete