EH&S Committee 6 Meeting
Communications 065
May 19, 2016

The OARS reports listed below were reviewed:


2016-04-042 - alternatives for cutting laminated poster other than paper cutter? Scissors?







Discussion whether or not UW is addressing the lead in water concern that other communities are discovering.  Facilities was double checking that some of the older buildings did not have the "goose neck" plumbing that contributes to the lead in the water concern.

Some departments in HSC 6 are already updating their Health & Safety Plan.

U Wide Update:

EH&S showed a EH&S video - more to come about the different services EH&S provide.

The College of Engineering beta tested the new evacuation protocol with good success.  Did learn they need to update their floor monitor's list.  The Building Coordinator's and Evacuation Coordinator's roles are also being re-evaluated.  As well as signage for the lecture halls for faculty and students.

Timing of UW Alerts was briefly discussed.

Board of Regents since March 2016 have Safety Update as a standing agenda item.

Accident Prevention Plans/Health & Safety Plans 18-month project  coming soon.

Health & Governance/Task Letter report due October 2016 to Board of Regents.