Talking points for meetings with search committees 
(rsi, wxs, 9-27-06; 10-11-2012)
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1. Background
   DDs meet with all search committees
   - Become acquainted
   - Convey information about the search process and DD's role

2. Personal intro

3. DDs role: Support, oversight (another set of eyes), approval.
   - Support: 
       Meet with candidates
       Help with partner hires
       Help make connections
       Provide extra resources:
         - Pay for women and underrepresented minority visits
	   (candidate only, not family)
         - Extra position (in some rare cases)
       Underrepresented minorities: African-Americans, Native Americans,
       - Note: Minority candidates who grew up in the US had a 
         difference experience than those who grew up in a country 
         where they were not members of a minority.
       - Note: Asking a candidate whether he/she will need a partner 
         accomodation is not allowed. Suggestion: Give all candidates
         the memo on partner accomodations (on Web site). Luis Fraga
         (Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement) and Sarah Keller
         can help with partner hires.
   - Oversight (another set of eyes): 
       Quality assurance. Note: If search fails, you will get to 
         search again next year
       Look out for women and minority candidates
         Note: If there is no woman among the candidates who will be
	 invited for am interview, then submit file of most highly
	 ranked candidate and file of most highly ranked woman to
	 Divisional Dean before inviting applicants. The same rule
	 applies to underrepresented minority candidates.
       Comparative evaluation of senior candidates
   - Approval: 
       Startup package

4. Diversity: Increasing diversity is a central component of UW / College
   - Fairness
   - Size and quality of labor pool; social stability
   - Diverse faculty helpful in recruiting minority and women grad students
   - Diverse applicant pool
   - Unbiased selection process
   - Attractive offer (money, working conditions, supportive environment)
   Resources (find by Googleing UW Web site)
   - UW ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change
   - Faculty Recruitment Toolkit
   - Arrange for female candidates to talk to ADVANCE (Eve Riskin, Joyve Yen)
   - Luis Fraga can help with arranging visits of minority candidates

5. Guarding against personal bias
   - Experiments strongly suggest that bias exists
   - Both genders are biased in the same direction
   Take one of Tony Greenwald's Implicit Association Tests
   Suggestion: Instead of a single overall ranking, rank candidates on 
   multiple criteria - helps move above the "gut level".
   Sample criteria (Chris Moore, Speech and Hearing Sciences)
   - Productivity/Fundability
   - Teaching needs 
   - Possible collaborations 
   - Diversity 
   - Citizenship 

6. Questions?