For an overall description of hiring process refer to theNew Apointments section of the Administrative Gateway.

 There is a Faculty Recruitment Toolkit that specifically emphasizes ways of attracting a diverse applicant pool. You should also have a look at the Faculty Recruitment and Retention section of the ADVANCE Web site. (The goal of ADVANCE is to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in academic science and engineering careers.)

 Step 1: Submit search request form and narrative

Search request form

 Step 2: Compose ad, have it approved by Divisional Dean and Equal Opportunity Office, and have it published

Refer to the AHR web site when drafting your ad. After the ad has been reviewed and approved by the Divisional Dean it must be approved by the Equal Opportunity Office( before it is placed in any journals. After the ad has been reviewed and approved, it will be posted on the UW web page.

 Step 3: Form search committee and have it approved by Divisional Dean

The composition of the committee should reflect your diversity goals. The Divisional Dean will attend the first meeting of the committee.

 Step 4: Draw up list of finalists who will be invited to campus

Submit files of finalists to Divisional Dean and discuss plan before issuing invitations. If there is no woman among the finalists, include file of top female applicant. Also include the file of the top (self-identified) minority candidate.

 Step 5: Interview candidates

Consider involving other departments, Advance,…..

 Step 6: Hold faculty meeting and vote on final candidate

 Step 7: Inform Divisional Dean of choice and submit draft offer letter for approval

Tenured offers need prior approval by the College Council. You can find sample offer letters in the A&S Administrative Gateway.

 Step 8: If candidate accepts, gather and submit New Appointment Documentation