EH&S Committee 6 Meeting
Communications 065
October 27, 2016


Present:  Lori Anthony, Elena Johns, Paul Miller, Annie Pearson, Bev Wessel

                    I.            Meeting called to order at 3:10p.m.

                  II.            The minutes from the July 2016 meeting were approved.   No meeting in August or September.

                III.            University-Wide Health and Safety Committee meeting report: none

                IV.            Review of August 2016 and September 2016 OARS reports:
2016-08-009 Biology, complete
2016-08-018, Burke Museum, complete
2016-08-037, Burke Museum, complete
2016-08-038, Burke Museum, complete
2016-08-074, Biology, complete
2016-08-084, Burke Museum, complete
2016-08-085, Burke Museum, complete
2016-08-109, Physics, complete
2016-09-007, Physics, complete
2016-09-046, Biology, complete
2016-09-050, A&S Labs, complete
2016-09-053, Psychology, complete
2016-09-061, Psychology, complete
2016-09-065, Biology, complete

                  V.            New Business:  Discussion of CAS Health and Safety Committee Group 6 Fall election. Nominations are due tomorrow.

                VI.            The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 3 p.m. in CMU 065

              VII.            The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Minutes by Beverly Wessel