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Endowed Reappointment Procedures

Endowed and Term reappointment procedures and documentation.

The timeline for Faculty Appointments & Stewardship Process shows preferred deadlines for Named Professorships in Workday. Use the Update Academic Appointment workflow and include in the comments section the annual award amount, using either an approximate amount or an exact amount.

Units supported by the Administrative Support Team should submit an HR & Payroll request and and attach the required documentation to that request along with a note to include the annual award amount, using either an approximate amount or an exact amount in the comments section in Workday.

Please enter the original date of the first held appointment as the starting date. The reason code is entered as Update Academic Appointment > Update Academic Appointment > Reappointment.

Documentation to be uploaded into Maintain Worker Documents in Workday for the reappointment is usually:

  • a letter from the chair requesting the reappointment
  • the candidate's updated vitae
  • a copy of the endowment agreement
  • any other supporting documentation

Confirmation of the reappointment. When approved by the Provost in Workday, the Dean will send the candidate a reappointment letter. This letter states the appointment terms and must be signed by both the candidate and the chair of the administering department. Copies of this letter are also sent to the department administrator and the stewardship manager. After the letter is returned to the Dean's Office, information regarding expenditure processing will be provided to both the candidate and the administering department. The reappointment cannot be announced until formal approval by the Board of Regents has been given.