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Staff Teaching

Professional staff are expected to devote their efforts to the work of their position during their regular work schedule. On occasion, a professional staff member may take on additional duties and teach a credit bearing class above and beyond their 100% FTE staff position. Note that this is only allowable once per academic year, including summer quarter.

When this situation occurs:

  • Teaching must be approved in advance by the staff person’s supervisor
  • A faculty appointment must be granted to the staff member for the duration of the teaching activity. Arts & Sciences' best practice is to use the Lecturer, part-time, temporary title.
  • Compensation must be paid as Period Activity Pay using the reason code "PA14 – Teaching Activities For Credit (Pro Staff Only)"

If a situation arises in which a staff member is needed to teach more than once per year, they must voluntarily reduce their staff FTE so that the two appointments (staff and faculty) do not exceed 100% FTE.  In this situation, a letter should be issued by the department, and acknowledged by the staff member, outlining the effect of an FTE reduction on sick and vacation leave accrual as well as retirement contributions.

If there are staff teaching scenarios that fall outside the parameters outlined here, please reach out to Ivy Mason-Sharrah or  Susan Miller.

For more information, see the HR Professional Staff Program page.