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Faculty Appointment & Stewardship Process

Previously, the appointment process for the College of Arts & Sciences appointed faculty positions happened on a rolling basis throughout the year. With appointments being spread across the academic year, it hampered the ability to strategically allocate awards for retention and recruitment purposes. The rolling appointment process also lended itself to a variety of donor stewardship concerns including: appointments being left vacant, slow or sometimes no correspondence with the donor regarding the appointment, and missed opportunities for faculty stewardship reports due to last minute appointment notification.

Updating the appointment process to one time of year has allowed for the strategic use of these awards, simplified the information flow between the various areas involved in the process, and ensured high-quality and timely donor stewardship. Effective in FY20, new appointments are awarded with a start date of September 1; reappointments are being transitioned to the new timeline by adjusting their end dates.

Process & Stewardship Timeline

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April 1

Dean's Office sends a vacant/expiring appointment report for a division to the appropriate Divisional Dean. CAS Advancement Services can include faculty stewardship letter history for re-appointments when requested.

By May 1

Divisional Deans' delegates reach out to appropriate Department Chairs to request candidates for vacant/expiring positions.


Departments determine candidates and procure required documents for the appointment packet.

By August 1

Units enter appointments and upload appointment packets to Workday.

August 15

Dean's Office approves the appointments in Workday.

September 1

Dean's Office sends official appointment letters to faculty.

September 15

Dean's Office sends full appointment report to CAS Advancement Services and uploads appointment packets to shared drive.

September 30

CAS Advancement Services sends appointments to Central Donor Relations for updates to allocation records in Advance.

October 15

CAS Advancement Services sends out announcement letters to donors regarding appointed faculty.

December 1

CAS Advancement Services, on behalf of Dean Stacey, sends out request to faculty appointment holders to write their annual stewardship letter.

January 15

Faculty letters to donors are due.



Contact Information

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For more information or to provide feedback, please contact Debbie Olson, Assistant Director of Finance & Administration in the Dean's Office, at


This page last updated 10/30/2020.