*Compiled April/2013, A. DePasquale

Required Documents for Dean’s Review

At a minimum, the College of Arts & Sciences requires the following to be included with your grant application:

♦    A complete e-GC1 (via SAGE) pertaining to the proposal

♦    An internal budget (in final form) that includes a detailed list of all personnel (salaries & benefits) involved in the project (click here for an example)

♦    Information going to sponsor, including:        

The following are also required, when applicable:

If the UW is a subcontractor, grant content should indicate the UW’s role in the project and the e-GC1 should identify the lead organization’s PI and the source of funds (see NG-3 on eGC-1)



Please add additional notes in the comments section of the eGC-1 if:

  • You have been unable to provide any of the above information and why
  • Your proposal includes anything out of the ordinary
  • You have been in contact with anyone from OSP and they have instructed you on how to proceed