*Compiled April/2013, A. DePasquale

Who is my OSP representative?


OSP Coordinators Assigned to A&S Units

  (Alphabetical order by Department Name)  
  Org Code Department Name OSP Admin
  2540709000 Amer Ethnic Stds Laurie Salehi
  2540727000 Amer Indian Studies Laurie Salehi
  2540728000 Anthropology Laurie Salehi
  2540521000 Applied Mathematics Joyce Halwas
  2540118000 Art Laurie Salehi
  2540330000 Asian Lang & Lit Joyce Halwas
  2540532000 Astronomy Laurie Salehi
  2540590000 Biology Adelia Yee
  2540114000 Burke Museum Joyce Halwas
  2540540000 Chemistry Laurie Salehi
  2540342000 Classics Laurie Salehi
  2540720000 Communication Laurie Salehi
  2540306000 Comparative Literature Laurie Salehi
  2540370000 Comparative History of Ideas Laurie Salehi
  2541101150 Ctr for Statistics & Social Sciences (CSSS) Joyce Halwas
  2540782000 Ctr Stdy Of Demography & Ecology (CSDE) Joyce Halwas
  2540905000 Ctr Soc Sci Computation &Research (CSSCR) Laurie Salehi
  2540121000 Dance Laurie Salehi
  2540122000 Drama Laurie Salehi
  2540949000 DXArts (Center for Digital Arts) Laurie Salehi
  2540744000 Economics Joyce Halwas
  2540346000 English Laurie Salehi
  2540380020 French And Italian* Joyce Halwas
  2540789000 Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Joyce Halwas
  2540752000 Geography Laurie Salehi
  2540356000 German Joyce Halwas
  2540119000 Henry Art Gallery Laurie Salehi
  2540758000 History Laurie Salehi
  2540920000 Ilabs Joyce Halwas
  2540912000 Institute for  Nuclear Theory Laurie Salehi
  2540748000 International  Studies (Jackson School of) Laurie Salehi
  2540312000 Language Learning Ctr Joyce Halwas
  2540785000 Law,Soc&Justice Prog Joyce Halwas
  2540360000 Linguistics Joyce Halwas
  2540562000 Mathematics Joyce Halwas
  2540126000 Music Laurie Salehi
  2540364000 Near East Lang & Civ Joyce Halwas
  2540768000 Philosophy Laurie Salehi
  2540574000 Physics Laurie Salehi
  2540776000 Political Science Joyce Halwas
  2540578000 Psychology Laurie Salehi
  2540380000 Romance Lang* Joyce Halwas
  2540382000 Scandinavian Lang Joyce Halwas
  2540350000 Simpson Center Laurie Salehi
  2540384000 Slavic Lang Joyce Halwas
  2540786000 Sociology Laurie Salehi
  2540380010 Spanish And Portuguese* Joyce Halwas
  2540588000 Speech & Hear Sci Joyce Halwas
  2540592000 Statistics Joyce Halwas
  2540907000 Women's Center Joyce Halwas
  * French/Italian & Spanish/Portugese fall under Romance Lang as parent org code