Cherry Blossoms

CAS Advising Update, Friday April 10


Hi all,

Not much new news this week, which I will take as a good sign. A couple of quick Friday updates:

  1. You will have received the email about Commencement. One additional point: the university will use a vendor online platform to manage the virtual ceremony. My understanding is that departments will also be able to use that platform in some capacity. If that sounds vague, it is, because that’s about all I know. But we heard that at least one department was in the process of purchasing an expanded license for Zoom (or something like that); I would just wait to purchase anything like that until you know what is available, or how the events will be coordinated or linked. Presumably you should get more details soon.
  2. You also saw that Summer full-term and A-term will be online. Not sure when a decision on B-term will be made, but everyone (such as faculty, should they ask you) should certainly plan for the possibility that B-term will also be online. We should have more summer info next week, but if you know something can’t work online (even B-term, I would recommend), you should probably withdraw or at least add code it before registration.
  3. I believe there should also be an email to faculty next week about some teaching issues (perhaps grading, exams, etc.). Those have not all been going to staff, as you may have noticed. I had to see one email by asking my son, who got it as a student. I think they are trying to be a little more expansive, but if I get anything that you didn’t, I’ll forward it. Or if you hear some issue or communication coming through another channel, let us know – it might well be the first we hear of it too.

Made it through another week (knock on wood)!