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The College of Arts & Sciences looks forward to helping advisors within our units and programs. Please contact this office with questions regarding advising issues surrounding undergraduate teaching and learning.


  • Kevin Mihata, Associate Dean for Educational Programs (
  • Cynthia Caci, Senior Director of College Advising (

Spring Quarter 2020

Most Requested Documents

Resources for Advisors

Humanities Advising Consolidation

Committees and A&S Advisor Representation

  • CAS Advising Directors Group
    • Nell Gross, Geography
    • Cynthia Caci, College of Arts & Sciences
    • John Charlton, Humanities Division
    • Judi Clark, Art + Art History + Design
    • Kat Eli, Law, Societies & Justice
    • Sarah Garner, Mathematics
    • Janet Germeraad, Biology
    • Diane Guerra, Anthropology
    • Ahna Kotila, Economics
    • Tracy Maschman-Morrissey, History
    • Carrie Perrin, Psychology
    • Meera Roy, Political Science
    • Erika Samson, Communications
    • Britta Simon, Jackson School of International Studies
    • Nancy Sisko, Humanities Division
    • Mel Wensel, Integrated Social Sciences


  • Faculty Council on Academic Standards (FCAS)
    • Sarah Garner, Mathematics and ACMS


  • College Curriculum Committee
    • Liz Copland,  Art + Art History + Design 


  • Graduation Petition Committee
    • Andrea Pardo, Microbiology
    • Nancy Sisko, Humanities Division
    • Tamara Solinger, Political Science
    • Laura Todd, Art + Art History + Design


  • Reinstatement Committee
    • Ann Langford-Fuchs, Art + Art History + Design
    • Susanna Hansson, Sociology
    • Jason Patterson, Biology (Chair)
    • Liz Self, Asian Languages and Literatures


  • College Student Conduct Committee
    • Tom Freng, Neurobiology


  • Liaison to First Year Programs, Summer Advising & Orientation
    • Tracy Maschman-Morrissey (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)
    • Casey Renneberg (Math and Science)