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Dean's Medalist Criteria

Dear Colleagues,

Each spring, the College of Arts and Sciences awards the A&S Dean’s Medal to the top graduating senior in each division. As in past years, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • 90 graded credits or more in residence at the University of Washington;
  • at least one A&S degree/major;
  • a 3.85 GPA or greater;
  • graduated in Summer 2021, Autumn 2021, Winter 2022, or have filed a graduation application and is planning to graduate in Spring 2022; and
  • if the student has earned a degree, the degree(s) received must be the student’s first undergraduate degree earned (post-baccalaureates are not eligible).

Submissions are to be made through an online process. Please see:

We have generated a list of all students who meet these criteria. The list was created on April 19 to allow anyone applying for Spring 2022 to be included. Students on the list are not automatically nominated. Your letter of nomination, and any other information you and your colleagues provide, will be the deciding factors. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your contributions to this process. If you have a student who is eligible but not on the list, you may also nominate that person. You will notice that some names appear twice; this is because those students are double degree candidates, and appear once per degree (which is why there are a few non-A&S degrees listed). Double major candidates have their second major in the "major 2" column, etc., so be sure you scan those columns for your students as well.

Supporting materials might include a letter of nomination from the chair, a letter from a faculty who has worked closely with the nominee, and the nominee’s cv or resume. Student work is not requested, but can be referenced in the letter of nomination. Please include a copy of the student’s unofficial transcript.

Can a department nominate more than one student? The answer to that question is “yes,” however, the deans request that you rank your nominees in order to help them manage the evaluation process.

We will also recognize the outstanding graduate student in each division with the Arts & Sciences Graduate Medal. The Graduate Medal is open to students graduating this academic year with the terminal degree appropriate to the discipline. Candidates will be nominated by their departments. Nominations should include the nominee’s CV and a letter from the faculty member best qualified to evaluate the quality and significance of the student’s work, with a focus on the dissertation or final project. Additional letters may be included as appropriate. Please include an unofficial transcript. Student work is not requested at the time of nomination, but nominees should be prepared to submit such materials upon request (e.g., dissertation, images of artistic work, etc.). Nominees must complete the degree in Spring or Summer 2022, or have already graduated Autumn 2021 or Winter 2022. (Note that this differs from the Dean’s Medal in the inclusion of this coming Summer, rather than last summer.)

Nominations for both the Dean’s and the Graduate Medals are due by Friday, May 20, 2022.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.  


Cynthia Caci

Senior Director of College Advising

v: 206 616-6518