The College of Arts & Sciences looks forward to helping faculty and departments advance their curricular goals. Please contact this office with questions regarding course/program development and issues surrounding undergraduate teaching and learning.


  • Kevin Mihata, Associate Dean for Educational Programs
  • Janet Yale, Assistant to the Dean

A&S Curriculum Deadlines

For the three academic year quarters – Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters – the recommended deadline for submission for all course, program, and course fee forms and supporting materials is the first day of the quarter, two academic quarters before the requested approval quarter. For final deadlines, see the Curriculum Deadlines for 2016-2017.


  • Please send ONLY the signed original with supporting materials (e.g., syllabus), SINGLE-SIDED on WHITE paper (for ease of scanning into a website) for all New Course, Course Change, and Program Change forms.
  • No additional copies are needed.
  • All materials must be typed on current UW Curriculum Office forms, SINGLE-SIDED.

Course and Program Development

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