Discovery Seminars are four-week, five-credit courses offered to first-year undergraduates during Early Fall Start (EFS), the month immediately preceding the start of Autumn Quarter. The goal of the program is to introduce students to the intellectual excitement and rigor of a world-class university through an intensive disciplinary immersion. In a sense, we are branding college-level learning through these small seminars, taught by regular UW faculty on a wide range of topics, with enrollment limited to 25 students. Rather than simply a menu of discrete course options, Discovery Seminars anchor a programmatic approach to making apparent the expansiveness and breadth of liberal learning through which students are encouraged to make connections, synthesize content, and create coherence across modes of inquiry, something that they will be asked to do throughout their career here and beyond..

For more information, see the Call for Proposals.

Proposals were due by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2017.

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