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The facilities and construction staff in the Dean's Office is available to assist units in matters pertaining to University space and facilities, such as space analysis, design, and reconfiguration; project cost estimates; and project coordination. Other responsibilities include coordination of major College projects (programming, design, and construction), preparation of the College capital and minor repairs budget, maintenance of the College space data base, approval of requests for Facility Management services, and liaison for College units and other University offices such as Environmental Health and Safety and Physical Plant.


Leita Bain
Director of Facilities and Planning

Policy Announcement

Hiring New Faculty: Providing Space

Departments are generally responsible for providing space for new hires, since almost all space in the College is assigned to departments. Procedural guidelines for two common cases are described below:

  1. Competitively recruited faculty. The “Approve Search Request” form requires identification of the office to be used by the newly-hired faculty, as well as any other space and any renovation issues. While primary responsibility rests with the department, Divisional Deans are sometimes able to provide assistance when significant resources are required.
  2. Temporary or short-term faculty. For faculty hires made outside the search process, for example, short-term lecturers, departments are responsible for providing space.

Departments that make formal or informal hiring commitments and request space assistance from the Dean’s Office after the fact are extremely unlikely to be accommodated.

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