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Salary release-recapture policy

Dean's Office contacts: Linda Nelson, Sue Barnhart


Faculty (01-10)

The College maintains a reserve to assist departments and faculty members by paying temporary expenses associated with enrollment shifts, recruitment, retention, student support, equipment replacement, and new initiatives. These reserve funds are obtained from the recapture of funds released by faculty leaves and vacancies.

For 2020-21, the College will allocate to units a portion of recapture funds released by their leaves according to the following guidelines. A unit recaptures:

(1) 50% of salary and benefits released from leaves with or without salary. For example, if a faculty member with a nine-month salary of $90,000 is on leave for three quarters at 2/3 salary, the unit recaptures $15,000 and the College $15,000.

(2) 50% of salary and benefits released by faculty who shift to grants for periods up to one year but are not on campus and therefore are unable to continue duties such as student supervision and departmental committee work.

(3) 100% of salary and benefits released by faculty who shift salary to grants for periods up to one year but remain on campus and continue duties such as student supervision and departmental committee work.

There is no transitional funding available from the College for vacancies.

Departmental allocations should be used for meeting highest priority, temporary instructional support needs. They should not be used to fund continuing permanent staff or faculty positions (except for possible step increases associated with the Career Enhancement Growth Program for state-funded CSA positions) or operations Released benefits may only be used to cover the benefits costs associated with salary expenditures funded from release-recapture funds. Approval for use of recapture allocations for instructional salaries and CSA CEGP steps is not necessary.  However, any expenditures for non-CEGP CSA or professional staff salaries, or operations will need Divisional Dean approval.  Please discuss with your Divisional Dean prior to submitting your form.  A final release/recapture plan is required at the end of the academic year.

All 2020-21 faculty salary release-recapture plans should be submitted electronically. The revised format must be used for 2020-21. It is available on the A&S Web at Salary release-recapture form 2020-21 faculty.

Submit your faculty salary release-recapture plan via email to Sue Barnhart by November 13, 2020.  Please note: The Dean's Office only does revisions to remove the College's portion of the released salaries and for those expenditures involving classified or professional staff, departments are responsible for tracking their portion of the released salaries.

Staff (01-60, 01-70)

When there is a release of any kind (due to leaves, buyouts, vacancies, etc.), departments are eligible to use up to 50% of the GOF funds that are released from the individual’s position, including benefits, to cover the costs of replacements. The Dean’s Office recaptures the remaining 50% salary and benefits, plus any remaining unused funds not needed by the department to fund replacements.

Departments should complete and submit a staff salary release-recapture form when a GOF staff salary release occurs. The form identifies the vacancy and the replacement plan. Staff salary release-recapture forms should be submitted as soon as a staff release has been identified. The form is available on the A&S Web at Salary release-recapture form 2020-21staff.

Submit a staff salary release-recapture plan via email to Sue Barnhart ( as soon as possible upon identifying a staff salary release on a GOF budget.

Any remaining balance in 01-60 and 01-70 object codes at the end of the fiscal year/biennium will revert to the College, just as it did under the expired salary savings process. Any over-expenditures in 01-60 or 01-70 are the responsibility of the department.  There is no carryover of staff release-recapture funds from year one into year two.

01-60 Step M Salary Variances

The Dean has approved the use of College resources to bring all existing permanently budgeted classified staff positions to step “M” or to the individual’s actual salary level, whichever is less, if the budgeted average is less than the individual’s salary. These funds will be transferred to the individual’s position on your GOF budget. This process will function in the same manner as the previously expired salary allocation process.