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GIM 19 Policy

CAS Internal deadlines

To help your proposal meet the OSP 7-day deadline, proposals should start the routing process 1-2 days in advance. Proposals received by the Dean's office before noon, will be reviewed same day. Proposals received by the Dean's Office after noon will be reviewed next day, with the exception of day three proposals which will receive same day review/approval. Please notify Gretchen Davis Richey and Megan Piccirillo ( and at least 4 hours in advance if your proposal will be received by the Dean's Office on the 3-day deadline. The CAS Dean's Office will not review your proposal if it does not contain a Statement of Work (SOW), a budget, and a budget justification.

7 day deadline: Proposals will be considered on-time if they arrive at OSP with draft science and final business documents 7 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. OSP may not review the proposal if the business portions are incomplete. Please allow ample time for proposal review by the department & Dean’s reviewers before it reaches OSP.

3 day deadline: Proposals must be marked “Ready to Submit (RTS)” by 5 pm, 3 business days prior to sponsor deadline. This signals reviewers that all documents are final and ready to submit to sponsor. Proposals that do not meet this deadline will not be reviewed by OSP without a waiver.

Sample deadline calendar
Example: A proposal with a final deadline of Friday the 16th has a three day deadline of Tuesday the 13th and the 7 day deadline of Wednesday the 7th. Always leave two full business days between your approval date and your final deadline. For help consult the Deadline Calculator.

GIM 19 Waiver: If you are unable to meet the above 3 day deadline, you will need to request a waiver from OSP. Waivers will only be granted under specific circumstances:

  • Official UW closure (e.g., inclement weather)
  • PI or Co-PI serious illness or injury
  • Death of key personnel
  • Documented notification of funding opportunity was made less than two weeks prior to the deadline.

A written waiver request must be submitted by the Chair to Carol Rhodes, Director, OSP ( For assistance drafting a GIM 19 waiver, please email

Sponsor Systems: It can take up to 48 hours or even longer for electronic sponsor systems (i.e. Grants.Gov) to process applications once they are submitted by OSP.

Office of Sponsored Programs' (OSP) policy of internal deadlines (GIM 19)

OSP will submit the application prior to the sponsor deadline but cannot ensure a successful submission

OSP Review: OSP reviews in the order received. First come, first served. The received date changes each time you withdraw your proposal and route it back to OSP. Keep in mind, if you withdraw to make changes, this will put your proposals back to the end of the queue.